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We will help you reach highest rankings among websites in search engines for keywords that bring you the most traffic.

  • We analyse the keywords and phrases your customers are searching for.
  • We optimise the website as well as its structure.
  • We build quality links within your site and to other websites.

Ensuring high rankings in search engines

Through website optimisation (SEO), websites are optimised for search engines to make sure they achieve high rankings among search results.

When users search for products or services offered by your company, your website will be ahead of the competition.

Since we create highly effective websites, we define the most suitable keywords already before developing the website and we build the entire website around these keywords. This means your website will always rank ahead of others. A good website architecture, a code following the latest applicable standards, and an advanced content editor will together contribute to a significant improvement of your ranking in search engines.

Research shows that search engines generate as much as 90% of the average website traffic. The data also suggest that as many as 80% of people who search for information only take a look at the first page among search results. If they do not find the right information among the sites shown, they prefer to change the keyword of their search rather than look at the next search hit.

It is very important to be among the first search results on Google. With an efficient website optimisation, our experts will place your website right on top of the first search result page.

On-site SEO

On-site website optimisation is important for setting up the structure of the website that Google robots analyse and review. The name itself already tells us that on-site optimisation is done on the website itself by improving the layout of headers, texts, URLs, meta descriptions, and alternative image codes.

When developing a website, we set up a well-proven and quality on-site SEO structure, which Google algorithms index very well.

As part of advanced optimisation of websites, we also offer advanced on-site optimisation, which includes further improvement of the structure to make the site even better optimised for search engines.

Off-site SEO

Optimisation of the website by building cross links to other websites is called off-site optimisation or off-site SEO. With a strong network of links, we ensure high rankings by telling search engines that this website is worth being ranked highly.

As part of advanced website optimisation, we also offer advanced off-site optimisation, which includes a strong network of links to the website. First, we analyse your website and check for competitiveness, and then we focus on making a plan how to create links. We do not start implementing that plan until we are sure it will be efficient.

Administration plans

Several different plans are available. They include regular website reviews, regular reports with advice, monitoring and interpreting of statistics, review and correction of contents.


Most frequently asked questions about SEO website optimisation

What is website optimisation?

Once the website is developed and uploaded on the server, the job is far from finished. Website optimisation is a process that makes your website search engine friendly. The website needs to be adapted to search engines’ requirements so they will place it high on the first page among search results based on your keywords.

What does SEO mean?

The abbreviation SEO or Search Engine Optimisation means optimisation of websites. Websites with poor positioning in search engines require on-site and off-site optimisation.

What is a keyword?

A keyword can be one or more words together telling online search engines what the content on your website is about. A keyword is used in the process of optimising a website for search engines.

What keywords to choose?

Good keywords on your website are part of web optimisation and the choice of keywords depends on the content of the website. With a good keyword, we give smart search engines information about the content on your website.

Can I optimise the website by myself?

Only an expert with suitable knowledge and experience in the field can ensure good website optimisation. Our website optimisation experts are well-versed and ensure high-quality optimisation of websites. In addition, they will also teach you how to add content to a website to optimise it properly.

Which elements are important for website optimisation?

Important elements in website optimisation are the keyword analysis, a detailed analysis of competitor sites, on-site and off-site optimisation, content layout of the site, and monitoring of the ranking in search engines.

What is on-site SEO?

On-site SEO is the optimisation of the website that is carried out on the site itself. This includes editing of texts, headers, meta descriptions, and URL links, which is important for search engines to place your website high on their lists.

What is off-site SEO?

Off-site SEO is the optimisation of the website by creating links outside the website. During this process, we link your website to others, thus building a strong network of links that rank your website higher in search engines.

When does website optimisation take effect?

The effect of website optimisation is visible when search engines index your website and decide that it features a higher-quality content, site layout, and a strong network of links. During on-site optimisation, the effect is visible after a few days or weeks, and for off-site optimisation, the real effect is visible in 1 to 6 months.

Can I see an example of a page that you have effectively optimized?

Of course :) Go to Google and enter a search term ...

Search term: kartonske škatle
Web page:

Search term: računovodske storitve, računovodstvo
Web page:

Search term: rabljeni računalniki
Web page:

Search term: srebrni nakit
Web page:

Search term: tv servis, popravilo televizorjev
Web page: