Web strategy

Thorough planning of user experience and information architecture ensures:

  • setting the right goals and focus of the website,
  • correct and reasonable guidance of the user through the website by performing the desired actions,
  • maximum website optimisation for a high ranking in search engines.

Web appearance strategy and website design

Every project is based on the design and planning of a website. Before the actual implementation, it is necessary to prepare a plan detailing the organisation and functionality of the website, set the goals and the course of the project. An integrated approach to website design greatly increases the efficiency and user satisfaction. In the long run, we ensure the maximum efficiency of your web appearance.

Developing a web appearance strategy

We prepare a web appearance strategy for the client before creating the website. Together, we determine the short- and long-term goals of the project based on the client’s needs and target groups. We perform an analysis of the client’s competition with similar business goals and target groups. If the client already has a website, we analyse the current status. Following clearly defined goals, we define the course of the project, and inform the client of the scope and possibilities of the project.

Information architecture and user experience (UX) planning

A proper structure of the website, content layout, functionalities, and their interaction are of utmost importance. A well planned information architecture ensures effective interaction with the user. This way, we invite the user to carry out the desired actions. Several people must take part in the website development (designer, programmer, project manager, SEO expert, client) to provide a good user experience (UX).

At this stage of the project, we define the keywords and phrases to optimise the website for highest rankings in search engines (Google).