By developing their websites, we have already helped more than 1,000 companies and organisations on their way to success and gaining new customers.

  • We offer an excellent quality-price-ratio.
  • We make sure that your potential customers quickly find your website in search engines.
  • We strive to make your website sell your products and services.

Website creation has been our passion for 18 years

Our references are rich and diverse. Currently, over 700 active websites bear our mark. We are an online agency that is focused on creating websites, eCommerce websites and web portals. We manage websites of successful Slovenian companies and organisations.

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Effective web solutions

We provide comprehensive web solutions so you can make the most of the world wide web to acquire new customers, create new business opportunities, and increase visibility.
We follow the latest digital guidelines and trends for a successful marketing support by your website.

Unikatno oblikovanje

Unique design

Unique web design proposals.

Optimizacija za iskalnike

Search engine optimisation

Search engine friendly text and website structure.

Dobra uporabniška izkušnja

Top user experience

Intuitive navigation and easy to use for the visitor.

Poziv k akciji

Call to action

Encouraging the visitor to take action
(click to purchase, inquiry).

Odzivni dizajn

Responsive design

Adapted to different devices
(computers, mobile phones, tablets).

Unikatno oblikovanje

Top quality

Technically perfected website with regard to content and marketing.

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How is a website created?

Načrtovanje spletnih strani

01Website planning

Before we begin creating a website, we need to get to know your expectations, preferences and goals. First, we have an introductory meeting to discuss the matter in detail and to advise on specific solutions. In cooperation with you, our experts decide on the design of the website and the marketing strategies which will help us achieve the set goals. When planning a website, sales and marketing consultants, the project manager, and SEO expert are always involved. In case of a more demanding web project, the designer and programmer also take part in the planning phase. Together, they outline and set up a structure, which provides the basis for the entire project.

02Website design

Based on the agreed structure, an experienced designer creates a unique web design proposal. Each step is well thought out, each button is designed for an exact purpose ensuring that your website captures the visitor to get in touch with you. We send you the web design proposal for review and confirmation. Together with you, we polish the design proposal until you are completely satisfied and it features all the elements of an efficient website.

03Website development and publishing

After the design is perfected, the technical part or web programming takes place. Since our websites are custom-made and custom-build, the programming stage is the sweetest challenge for us. An experienced team of developers always finds the best technical solutions for the website to work seamlessly and reliably, and to ensure it ranks high in search engines. The programmers are constantly up-to-date with the latest technical standards and emerging guidelines.

After this stage is finalised, we send you a test URL by email so you can access the working version of the new website. The working version is a technically complete and programmed website. The only thing missing is the content (texts, photos, videos) that the client has not yet delivered to us.

The development of the website is completed after it has been tested in terms of function and quality, after the missing content has been uploaded, and after the website has been published to the server.

04Content editing training

A website is a living system so we teach you how to edit, add, and modify the content by yourself. With a simple and reliable CMS editor, we give you full control over the content of your website. You can do all content updates on your own. If you wish not to do so, we can also do that for you.

  • With just a few clicks, you can add new subpages to your website.
  • You can replace pictures, videos or text.
  • You can monitor your website traffic statistics.

05Website hosting, support, and maintenance

We offer web hosting and domain registration for the websites we develop. We provide secure and reliable hosting on high quality and fast servers.

We make sure that your websites are constantly refreshed and updated. You can also conclude a maintenance contract with us. This includes preferential treatment, a lower price of upgrades, faster response time in case of support requests, and constant availability by phone and email during the working day.

06SEO and web marketing

Our SEO specialists make sure that the design of your website ensures high rankings in search engines so customers can quickly find you. The SEO consultant works on the project from the very beginning because coordination is necessary already in the planning stage of your website in order to achieve effective optimisation.

We place great emphasis on the content layout, keywords, headers, and structure.

Online advertising campaigns are well structured and implemented to increase the visibility of the website. Together with you, our digital marketing consultants design personalised online ads, choose the most suitable online channels (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), and monitor as well as analyse statistics with Google Analytics. We have also been a Google Partner for many years.

Most of all, we strive to carry out a project to establish a long-term cooperation with you because we always go above and beyond to satisfy your needs and help you achieve your goals. Our team can’t wait to meet you.


Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to develop a website?

The price depends on the number of hours spent on a specific project. The amount of time we spend on a particular project depends on the complexity, goals and needs of a client, which are listed in the quote based on your inquiry or the consultation with noviSplet.

What do we want to achieve by redesigning a website?

The main goal of the website redesign is to attract more new visitors who can obtain all the necessary information quickly and easily. The redesign of a website also means a more attractive design, a more modern appearance, a site adapted to mobile devices, better rankings in Google, more of inquiries or purchases, and consequently better online sales. The reason why we want to redesign a website is to make it more modern and adapt it to the current SEO guidelines for the best ranking.

What is important when developing a website?
  • Modern design matched to the corporate identity of the company or organisation.
  • Good user experience, easy navigation.
  • Technically sophisticated implementation with all safety features to prevent cyber attacks and abuse.
  • Following the latest SEO guidelines to achieve the best ranking possible in Google.
What do we need to develop a website?

An initial consultation with the noviSplet consultant is required to set up a website in order to recognise your needs and priorities. noviSplet takes care of everything you need for a successful web appearance.