and copywriting

The content plays a key role in the development of a website. Since your attention is mostly focused on day-to-day work tasks, we can make sure that:

  • the texts on your website meaningfully represent you and your business,
  • the content is understandable, cohesive, and logical,
  • your sites are translated into foreign languages for your foreign partners to find you online easily.

Online content writing

We are aware that your attention is aimed at the day-to-day business, which is why you often run out of time to create quality online content that will introduce your company, activities, and products in the best light. No one can imagine anymore typing the name of a company into Google and finding nothing about it, except its address. We all look for information online, therefore it is very important how much and what you write about yourself on your website. If creating new texts is a nightmare for you, we will be happy to help you. But we need a bit of your help to really make it work. It is necessary that we work together to create excellent content. You are the only one who knows your business best, so give us some cues and we will write the content that will do your marketing for you.

Translation of texts into foreign languages

The Slovenian market is small so it pays to look for opportunities outside its borders. A website can be a springboard for entering foreign markets. If you want a professional appearance of your company abroad, it is necessary to have your website translated at least into English. If more than a half of your partners are from the German or Italian speaking area, we advise you to translate your website into German or Italian as well. Our neighbours from Croatia are also very happy if they can buy Slovenian products in Croatian. We provide top-of-the-line translation agencies we have worked with for many years to ensure a professional translation. Translations can be done traditionally or via plugins that allow you to directly upload the translations onto your website.